Tiny Bird:Big Song
Oh what a day…

woke up yesterday at 5am with Madeline to watch the sunrise (which was beauuutiful!) We hiked up to the Rim of the City and despite the mosquitoes, had a heart to heart while watching the sun come up.

Madeline and I picked up our friend Matt and went to Lake Neshonic where Madeline jumped off the bridge, and Matt and I, not as daring-ly, conquered the rope swing…while still managing to avoid the poison oak!

We then ventured to Wally World, where we became the proud parents of 12 goldfish….

 find any goldfish in any nooks and crannies in downtown La Crosse? it wasn’t us.

Day 1-Introduce Yourself

I always hate writing these type of things, I mean honestly it’s a waste of a paragraph….and I believe I already took the time to write an introduction but what the hell, I’ll do a little introducin’ I mean, I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing, or blogging perhaps.





My name is Lizzie. Elizabeth when I’m in trouble, Liz by most teachers at school, and lizbitch by my friends. I’m old enough, and dumb enough not to put too much shit up here for those creepers, considering SO MANY PEOPLE read this!! My favorite things are nature, music, theatre, dance…..music theatre I guess you’d say? family, friends, and being an individual. I absolutely adore people of all sorts: old, young whatever. I thrive in social situations, and just love interacting with other earthlings, like myself. I hate: close minded people, judgmental people, and when my dad PURPOSELY sings off key to my music in the car. 

So now you know what I like, and how to avoid pissing me off.

That was a hell of an introduction, see you for day 2…which will probably end up being a few months from now



how are you?

those are four words.


hope you’re doing okay.

those are five words.

I miss you.

those are three words.

that was two minutes of my day.

that’s all.

Scene Three: An Ode of Spektor

They made a statue of us, and put it on a mountain top…

This is the music I am urged to create to…the themes of my soul, pursuing me to put pen to paper, feet to the dance floor, or open my mouth to sing.

You run into the kitchen cupboard, got yourself another hour, and you gave half of it to me…

Every chord has a hidden meaning, each lyric lingers in the air, just wanting to be examined. Making me want to ask: what were you thinking?

You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first…

Beautiful words twined around piano that leave my mind to paint exquisite and abstract works. Trills and obscure noises are a craft that she makes an art, a quirkiness that is an aquired taste.

Two birds on a wire, one tries to fly away and the other watches him go from that wire, says that he will-but he’s just a liar…

Regina Spektor: the lyrics that ignite a fire in my brain to create, the mystery that keeps me entranced, much less to say…

It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song, you can’t believe it, you were always singing along. It was so easy, and the words so sweet. You can’t remember, you try to feel the beat…eet eet eet

Regina Spektor is the soundtrack of my soul.

Scene Two


 No inspiring words are entering

   my head.

   At this current moment, my mind

   is numb-ish.

                                                           my palms

                                                       are dry-ish.

                      I am through with thinking for a while…

                      I’m not feeling exactly inspired, and yet-

                                                             I’ve made a little poem

Scene One

Okay, so here goes nothing. My first actual blog post. Here as I sit, talking to Lera, listening to “Song of Spring” I begin my journey that is known as blogging. So I will start as a hundred people before me have started: by telling a little about myself.

My name is Lizzie, and I like to think I’m a idealist and at that, an optimistic one. I like to make criticisms of things, but only in the way I think that they should improve (if that makes sense). For example, If I’m eating a really gross flavor of ice cream (is there one?) instead of saying: “this tastes horrible and I’m going to ralph all over the table” I might muster out “if the inventor of this putrid flavor of ice cream added more sugar and less *add ingredient* it really could be good.

Okay…my first blog post ever and here I am rambling about ice cream. Anyway, it’s not that I try to avoid the truth in my opinions, I just like to see things for how they could be, instead of what they are.

My passion is for the arts. I live and breathe for the performing arts, if that isn’t a cliche right there. The stage is where I thrive, the dance studio is where I create and all those loud obnoxious theatre people who won’t shut up about the latest episode of glee? Yeah, those are my friends. If you put those things together, you have my life: performing. I absolutely have a burning passion to perform and secondly to teach and write. Writing about what I love to do is such a natural therapy to me. When times are feeling low, I can write about it…sometimes I write things I wish I could tell people in notes and then rip them up (a picky director perhaps?) Anyhow, I’m notorious for bottling my feelings up, so I think I’m in the right field for expressing myself. Even if the lines I’m reading or the dance I’m doing isn’t exactly what I’m stressing about, anything creative is the perfect outlet for me…any place to shove my problems down peoples throats!! kidding :)

So…that is just a little chunk about me, the first post I’ve ever created and I’m feeling great already, this is for sure one of many posts to come!!

there ya go Ler.